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Supply Chain Consulting

LexLine's supply chain consulting services concentrate on three areas of expertise: Engineering, Implementation, and Operational Excellence. We provide supply chain engineering expertise by addressing deficiencies in network design by offering detailed business intelligence and analytics reporting, procurement strategies, and transportation analysis. Our implementation plans focus on the technical modernization of project management via cost effective systems integrations with innovative process engineering. Attaining operational excellence and maximizing the development of ongoing automation in your supply chains and transportation networks becomes a reality with the adoption of our real-time management tools, hand-held devices and digital dashboards that transit alerts to users on troublesome areas and predicts alternative countermeasures as efficiency solutions.

Our inventory optimization platform offers clients strategies help identify the optimal number and location of facilities for efficient warehouse selection. Our successful system deployments and proven history servicing diverse multi-nationals has earned LexLine the designation as a logistics leader affording clients a global reach, superior influence and negotiating power to allow companies of any size to compete with major distributors.

Join the growing list of satisfied LexLine clients who clearly benefit from the critical operational improvements promoted by our supply chain consulting services not offered by your regular shipping vendors. Save money, work smarter, and maximize your future operations by working with LexLine.


Implementation is about the innovative design of your future logistics processes. With a proven transformation methodology, we evaluate your current state and design new workflows to align with industry best practices. We integrate your systems with ours and train your partners.


We assist you in determining optimal carrier capacity and rate combinations by quantifying metrics for price, service, equipment type, and transit times. Our procurement strategies partner you with world-class handlers to develop and scale solutions based on efficiency and insight.