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About Lexline

Lexline is a leading management and logistics solutions provider founded in Dallas, Texas. We specialize in utilizing the latest technology to provide a wide array of service area support in logistics management and supply chains. Our integrated platform provides real-time intelligence, global reach, influence, and negotiating power partnered with our widespread carrier networks that provide ail-encompassing services for outsourced logistics management functions. lexline provides the negotiation, coordination and 24/7 single point of contact support-tailored specifically for your logistics solutions.

Our production planning offers third party logistics in the coordination of billing, technology, distribution and transportation management, public warehousing, and contract warehousing and goods consolidation. lexline facilitates businesses in building a global logistical network in monitoring and reporting techniques to track and manage your inventory which ensures the most efficient service possible and quicker than in-house fulfilment.

Company Pillars

Reasons Why We Excel at Servicing Clients


A global supply chain offering seamless connections to suppliers, manufacturers, carriers, and customers with detailed direction to provide an unmatched experience of technical connectivity.


Industry experts possessing the knowledge for transforming your current supply chain and optimizing your business processes so they function at their highest levels of customer satisfaction.


LexLine continually strives for the highest performance levels by working with clients collaboratively to improve their operational capabilities, order fulfillment schedules, delivery options and quality assurance.

Company Leadership

We believe in our people and the solutions we deliver. Our teams are extensions of our customer's teams, working to improve supply chains around the world through our managed lexline approach. We combine best in class, global technology with logistics experts who continually improve the way our customers do business.

Our team executives understand your business and work to continually improve your supply chain. Our goal is to provide you with increased visibility and connectivity from our global lexline, analysis and improvements of your workflow processes. We work to identify savings opportunities, eliminate overflow and redundancies, and improve carrier relationships.